What we do

Cayman Administrative Services provides professional administrative, secretarial and errand outsourcing solution services to individuals and small to large size organizations based in the Cayman Islands. Our team of Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are professionally skilled to provide you with fast, reliable, professional and confidential services with all your day-to-day task and projects.

We offer professional back-office support with your company's day-to-day task and projects without all the overhead cost of hiring a traditional employee and at a lower cost compared to other Virtual Assistant Services.

Our top priority is to help you save time and money so that you can accelerate with your company's growth!

Our Accountability

When our VA’s are clocked in they are actively working on your tasks. When the task is done, they clock out. Imagine if that kind of workplace efficiency could be applied to a traditional employee.

  • Actively working on your task
  • Time management
  • Producing high quality work for you

Our Flexibility

Our VA’s are there when you need them, and not wasting your money when you don’t. Only pay for the time they’re working on your tasks. The hours in your Task plans are good for 60 days, so if you have a slow week or month it’s no problem the hours roll over.

  • We are here when you need us
  • Not here when you don't need us
  • Your hours roll over and are good for 30 days

Our Experts

We have highly skilled VA’s who we assign to you based on the tasks you need done. High quality work done efficiently and effectively is our goal.

  • Are skilled
  • Professional
  • Assigned to you
  • Are Trustworthy

Time wasted is money wasted, that’s money that could stay in your pocket simply by changing the way you assign your tasks; with our accountability, our flexibility and our experts you won’t waste another minute.


Here are some of our clients testimonials.

Cayman Administrative Services is our first choice when outsourcing our administrative and errand needs. The VA's are reliable and produce high quality work.

Cayman Islands MedEvac Ambulance Services

I would recommend C.A.S. to anyone who needs Virtual Assistant services, they manage all of our administrative and other tasks on a daily basis. They really make a difference.

Easy Learning Driving Institution

Cayman Administrative Services Virtual Assistants are very fast, reliable and professional. We would highly recommend them and their services, contact them today.