Administrative SERVICES

We offer a variety of administrative services tailored to assist our client with their needs. If you don't see the service you need or have an inquiry about our services? contact us today, so we may assist you.




Invoice(s)/ Statement(s) Creation


Payroll Assistance

Appointment Management

Book Your Appointments


Schedule Appointment for You


Send Appointment Reminders

Booking Travel Arrangements

Provide us with your travel details and we will take care of the rest

Debt Collection

Provide us with a list of your debtors and we will take care of the rest.


We can physically collect your payment and deliver it to you.

Email Management

Inbox Filtering, Monitoring and Organizing


Sending Follow-Up and Reminder Emails

Errand Services

Bank Errands


Bill Payments


Pickup and Delivery of Mail, Documents, Office Supplies, Dry Cleaning and Much More (No food or persons)

Immigration Application

Residency & Employment Rights Certificate


Work Permit Application (Grant and Renewal)


Work Permit Amendments

Marketing Assistance

Business Brochures


Business Cards




Logo Designs

Passport and VISA Application

British Passport & VISA Application


Canadian VISA Application


Cayman Passport Application


USA VISA Application


USA Wavier Application

Social Media Setup And Management

Social Media Account Set Up (Facebook, Instagram etc.)


Social Media Account Management

Trade and Business License Application

Sole Trader Business License Application (Grant and Renewal)


Registered Company Business License Application (Grant and Renewal)


Trade and Business License - Amendment

Web Research

Make better decisions with all of the facts by delegating your research tasks to us. We can do the following for you:


Prepare a Competitor Analysis Report

Compile a List Of Contacts

Compile a List Vendor Quotes

Why Us?

  • CAS offers a best price guarantee on our services
  • Using any one of our 'Task Plans' you can combine any of our services to meet your specific needs
  • CAS upholds to providing all clients with professional confidential services like the ‘attorney-client privilege' rule.
  • We take pride in producing high quality work to you
  • Our goal is to help you save time and money
  • CAS helps you save money by delegating your simple yet important task to us because we don’t require all the overhead cost of hiring a traditional employee
  • CAS helps you save time when you delegate your task to us which enables you to have more time focus on other primary aspects of your company
  • When our VA’s are clocked-in we are actively working on your task, when the task is completed we are clocked-out